Camp Olga Benário

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August 8, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Camp Olga: Our room is just behind the big building.

We arrive at the coach station in Taubete. We’re waiting for a lift to the MST settlement nearby but we don’t know who to look for.

The people we are waiting for at least know that I have a crutch cos of my twisted ankle, so I wonder around the coach station for a bit.

I see a man with a red baseball cap and a young girl, and they come up to me and start speaking Portuguese.

Oh dear. I smile and say in English “Quick – let’s find Gibby, he speaks Portuguese!!!”

Fortunately it doesn’t take too long. The man asks Gibby the name of the woman who he had contacted to arrange the visit. Gibby says Carmen….and everything is OK. The man, whose name is Aldice, smiles and whisks us away in his car.

Proper revolutionary like, innit…..

When we arrive it’s dark. we’re greeted by Carmen and two other women who show us to our room. It’s the HQ of the camp but it is in fact a storeroom and the only place on site with any electricity. The settlement has only been occupied for a year and there is no leccy anywhere else.

Looks like we have the luxury suite!

We then wonder up to the top of a hill in near darkness to someone’s house, where we are given a meal of red beans with pork and rice. Everyone is very welcoming and pleased to see us. There’s a lot of conversation which Gibby translates, and lots of laughter too. Looks like they’re looking forward to hearing a bit of music.

They tell us there are lots of things planned for tomorrow which we can check out but it means an early start.

So we head off back and go to bed….


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