Inspiring things to do in a Military Dictatorship no. 2039373292

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July 28, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Chico Buarque was another musical exile from Brazil´s military dictatorship, which seized power in 1964. He effed off to Italy after getting nicked in 1968, but soon found his way back and used his music as a way of protesting against the regime.

A bizarre game of cat and mouse followed, as he produced song after song which contained veiled criticisms of the government. Sometimes the censors would cotton on and ban them, but sometimes……well, they were just too stupid to notice.

A classic example of this is Chico´s album for children, Os Saltimbancos. Imagine an album for kids with fairy tale-like songs on it, like a cross between Sesame Street and the Brothers Grimm. The kind of songs that you grow up singing and everyone knows from generation to generation

Well, in this case the dozy censors weren´t doing their homework, cos this album may look and sound like a children´s album, but in actual fact it contains powerful satire against what was happening in the world of politics at the time.

Unfortunately my Portuguese isn´t up to appreciating it, (I know about three words!!!!), but I´m told it´s a bit like George Orwell´s Animal Farm.

Fecking wicked!


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