Giana Viscardi


July 28, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is Giana Viscardi and she sings MPB – Música Popular Brasileira, which is the generic term for Brazilian traditional pop music.

She was singing in Sâo Paulo and I went down and checked out the grooves. Well worth a listen folks –

Brazilian people are like English people insofar as they call the UK as a whole England – Inglaterra in Portuguese.

Of course, as the Royal Ambassador for the House of Splott here in Brazil I have to counter this most firmly with the fact that I am from Wales – Pais de Gales.

This gets Brazilian people going. Of course they have heard of Pais De Gales, because they played Brazil in the 1958 World Cup quater finals!

Wales to them is pure chic, as exotic and farwaway as Brazil is to us. And that´s the word they use to describe it when I tell them where I am from – chic!

Can you fucking believe it?

I gave Giana Viscari a copy of my Bedsit Blues CD.

She said: “It´s very nice but why does the picture on the front have a house falling down?”

Oh, man! How can you shatter someone´s illusions?


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