Little Freddy Seaside strikes again!

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July 19, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Public transport in Sao Paulo: crap.

Unfortunately I have to put plans to visit the MST on hold for the moment, and eff off from Itatiaia. Big shout out to Christian, Tatiana, Julie, Leo, Graham and Mary! Nice 1!

Off to Sao Paulo, which is a kind of warzone at the moment.

Rio and Sao Paulo, as I mentioned before, are run by drug gangs who have more power than the state authorities. The state jail their leaders but if the leaders get pissed off for any reason, the drug gangs shut down the city.

The top boys in Rio de Janeiro are called Comando Vermelho – Red Command. Their leader goes by the name of leader Fernandinho Beira-Mar, or `Little Freddy Seaside´ in English. Lots of the Funk Carioca tracks I´ve been checking out are from Red Command hip-hop crews.

They´re good toones, but then again I wouldn´t want to say anything to piss off Little Freddy Seaside.

The top boy in Sao Paulo is Marcola. He got wind of the fact that him and his chaps on the inside were going to be transfered to a new, hastily-built high-security prison.

So he got his mates on the outside to mash up a few buses, (see photo). It´s OK, they were evacuated first.

But things are cool, man! In a cit of 18 million people, (fourth largest in the world), a few buses getting mashed is no big deal.

Or so you would have thought, judging by peoples´ reactions here…..

News just in…Little Freddy Seaside has been transfered to Brazil´s first federal prison. It cost 5 million quid to build it. He´s the only inmate.

OTHER NEWS…Big shout out to the Welsh anarchos in Russia protesting against the G8. Some of them got nicked, some have been released and some are still there. Read all about it here.


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