The last goodbye


July 18, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

The other night I had a dream about telling Gibby how Bloke died. In the dream we were both crying buckets.

That night we decided to go on another late night blunder into the jungle, armed with some tins and a couple of torches, which we didn’t really need cos the moonlight was so bright.

I told Gibby about my dream and then proceeded to tell him the story of what happened and the fall out from Bloke’s death. Gibby had got to know Bloke through being in Flannel but all our connections run deep.

We were walking in the direction of a lookout post that gives you a 360 degree vista of the whole jungle, and the Three Peaks National Park. The lookout post is called a ultima adeus in Portuguese: “the last goodbye” in English.

Strange coincidence….

So we decided to head out there despite the fact that it was really late and it was a hour away. I had wanted to do something personal in Bloke´s memory for ages and this seemed to be an appropriate time.

When we arrived it was cloudy but you could see the moon and it lit up the whole surrounding area. It was breathtakingly beautiful in the moonlight. We sat down in the circular lookout post and I imagined Bloke was there making up the third point of a triangle with me and Gibby. We talked about him and about his life and about life in general and prayer. We laughed a lot and felt deeply sad and had a hug.

I remembered what it was like to have Bloke around and felt him and his family and promised to myself I would do everything I could for them.

And then we left.

The last goodbye.


2 thoughts on “The last goodbye

  1. Clint Iguana says:

    Spooky. i went to the larmer tree last weekend, Carnival Collective were there but no sign of stan, was hoping to have a toast to old Bloke with him. No stan, but had a drink for Bloke anyway.

  2. paul h. says:

    nice one Cos, been thinking a lot about bloke to recently. I wrote something called plectrum memories on – i write as paul h now.
    When sue was out in france recently, sl gave her his last ever plectrum he ever used for me. I was deeply touched.
    he will be with us all somewhere, somehow forever, that much I know.
    sounds like you are having fun out there.
    take good care
    love and peace
    Paul H and Sue, ellie and ruby

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