Ridiculous places to play gigs V: In a Masonic meeting


July 18, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Leo: Painter and Ents manager of Hotel Simon!

Absolutely true!

Imagine my delight when Christian came down and explained that the Sao Paulo Masons were meeting in the local hotel up the road. Gibby managed to persuade the ents manager Leo to have me play.

It was funny, with Christian, Tatiana and Christian’s parents in the audience, (along with several Masonic kids!) and Gibby filming.

I managed to sing a version of Oi Mush Fuck Off and a cover of Ryan Harvey’s excellent re-write of The Times they are a Changin’ entitled The Times they are not a-Changin.’ Nice.

But obviously I was spotted cos the next night I fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle.

Obviously some black magic at work.

(Left): Facing down the Masons at Hotel Simon!!!!

(Right): Masonic kids!!!!


2 thoughts on “Ridiculous places to play gigs V: In a Masonic meeting

  1. Clint Iguana says:

    if you kept count of ALL the rediculous places you have done gigs you will soon go beyond your knowledge of roman numerals.

  2. aliscia says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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