Ridiculous places to play gigs III: In a haunted house

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July 18, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Late one night, Gibby and I decided to eff off to a deserted house in the jungle he knew to record a few tunes on the front porch. Armed with beer, a guitar and a minidisk player, mission was verily accomplished, despite the fact that we were so drunk we weren’t sure if we were working the on/off controls on the recording kit correctly.

The next day we were talking to our mate Tatiana about the mission and she said that the house used to belong to a local musician called Joquinho who was murdered in the nearby town aged forty.

Some workers who were doing the place refused to finish the job because, they said, spirits haunt it. As a result, the property has remained uninhabited cos no-one wants to buy it.

We haven’t listened back to the recording yet. Maybe we have some ethereal accompaniment.


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