In the studio….again!

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July 18, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is Christian. He lives in the rainforest with his wife Tatiana and they are both artists. She´s Brazilian and he´s from Australia.

He´s big into his music and before I came out we arranged to record some stuff. Sometimes we start from scratch with ideas we come up with there and then, sometimes he pulls apart my songs and puts them back together before my eyes. Sometimes we just record things straight and make mad arrangements, taking the songs in unexpected directions. It´s lots of fun.

He´s also making a film about wildlife in the forest. He filmed some rare monkeys recently and showed the footage at a local gathering. It caused a huge storm as the monkeys are very rare and as a result of an internet buzz there are lots of people wondering around from all over the world trying to film the monkeys as well.

It´s amazing to stop and look at the natural world for a change.


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