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July 5, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

I get opinions from you
I get the story
The Who

This is Gibby.

I first met him in the heady Brighton daze of the mid nineties. Somewhere between Thatcher’s downfall and the vibrancy of the UK-wide anti-Criminal Justice Act of 1994 lay the inept sleazitude of the Major administration. Dark days.

Not least because the only radical opposition seemed to come from dour leftist politicos who bored your backside off about the dictatorship of the proletariat, whilst secretly nursing unmentionnable guilt about their public school educations.

Then of course, the government wanted to fight, we wanted to party and the whole anti CJA scene got going. Gibby was made from a different mould. He helped start off Schnews which I mucked in with when I could, and a whole generation took off on a protest and party vibe the likes of which……..

Gibby was anything but dour. Here was an underground journo who read the news aloud in pubs with a shock of bleach blond hair and a suit which he occasionally exchanged for a tacky, loose-fitting dress.Interesting.Anyhow, as the naughties took hold, I took off for the dizzy heights of Pontypridd and he took to Brazil, holding down a day job the al-Jazeera website and living in a jungle. With lots of monkeys

Finally I decided to visit him, and see what was what

A while back I had a dream about our time in Brighton. It was a crazy, psychedelic, Yellow Subarine-esque acid flashback of a dream, soundtracked with bizarre organ music piped around a newly-revitalised Victorian seaside town on the biggest trip of its life

But then, strange things happen when you hang about with Gibby.


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