Anarchism is daft

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June 28, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Wikipedia has some interesting ideas about the origin of the famous anarchy symbol.

For me its meaning came in an Orangeboom and marijuana haze. I was wondering though an alley with some mates one night and suddenly I saw one sprayed on the wall.

The thing was, it suddenly made sense on a truly cosmic level!

The A stands for Alpha – the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The O stands for Omega, the last letter!!

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end!!!

In Christian culture, we are told that before the Fall of Adam and Eve, humans lived in a society with no laws or conflicts. There was harmony between us, the earth and all living things!!!!

Sounds like an anarchist utopia to me, mate. No wonder anarchist bands such as Crass sound like a enraged, wounded howl – it’s the cry of the original loss of innocence!!!!!

The world is not how it should be! It’s not how it COULD be!!!!!!!

Christians have quite an interesting point to make here. Robert A. Johnson says:

We have to leave the Garden of Eden before we can start the journey to Heavenly Jerusalem. It is ironic that the two are the same place but the journey must be made.

In our native Druid tradition, something maybe anarchists today may feel a bit more comfortable with, there is a similar theme in its relationship to the land. But it’s not a case of going back, more like going back to the future. Philip Carr-Gomm, himself a Druid , says:

Even in this respect our task is not too attempt to return to a state of consiousness enjoyed by our ancestors or the Druid of old, but to find at our turn of the spiral of time what it means to be at one with the earth and the sky – with the goddess of the land and the god of clouds and thunder.

In other words its not just a case of going back to some mytholgical utopia. It’s about regaining our innocence in order to make best use of all this experience.

Like I say. Daft, really. Load of high-fallutin’, airy fairy bollocks.


For the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) in Brazil, the Piqueteros in Argentina or the Zaptistas in Mexico, this kind of politics isn’t any high-fallutin’, airy-fairy load of old bollocks. It’s everyday life.

Landless peasants and jobless workers whom the system can offer nothing to fall back on their own resources and that of their communities and create a different kind of society, along anarchist lines.

In it, all decisions are made collectively. Everyone takes part. There are no leaders, no hierarchies and everything is shared.

Or so I’m told. I want to check this out when I get to Brazil, where I’m headed to for a month next week. See the things I’m suppoed to believe in in a different context. Along with the football. Most important.

Need some inspiration!!! Worn out!

Sometimes my experience with anarchy in the UK was that there were hierarchies but no-one wanted to admit they existed. And as a result there were leaders, but because they weren’t supposed to exist they operated without impunity.

But….what I found inspiring about it was that at a time when political life in this country appeared to be stagnating towards dictatorship or going up its own backside with leftist ideological paralysis, anarchism came along and blew it all out the water.

And yeah in many ways it was fluid, organic, leaderless……

In the end it was all about claiming responsibilty and taking back control of your own life from the big bastard corporations and all their mates.

But now? Is it all still relevant? Or is it all just a footnote in history?

No, let’s just bugger off into the night and leave it to someone else to sort out.

Like I say, daft, really.

I’m off outta here and all the pieces of my life feel thrown into the air. Half the fun is of falling is not caring where you land.

My Brazil bog is here.


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