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June 26, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

I’m a happy hippy
They call me Mr. Whippy
When everything is crappy
Being hippy makes me happy

Ian Dury

What can possess an otherwise sane, rational person to quit the booze-a-way daze of a Cardiff weekend and dip off to a hippy fest in Somerset?

Well number one, my mates Triban were providing a cafe with top quality underground musical entertainment. Check out Planetman and the Internationalz and Kilnaboy for starters!!

Second, when the world seems so pathologically locked into to its own willful destruction, then lots of crystals, good vibes and energy, extortionately-priced organic food, crazy drugs, music and beautiful people look like a preferable alternative.

For a while at least.

But hats off, we love it really. Solar power and and sustainablity are the order of the day, proving that we can do this having fun business without seriously effing the planet over.

It was good to see my main man Quality Tom and his biodeisel powered amusement arcade Eco-Arcadia. Even if he did seem a bit pink round the gills. Get well soon, fellah.

MC Lynx was in full effect as well. We’d dragged him from Cardiff in a seriously derranged-looking motor, (nice 1 to Johhny for Mad-Maxing us onto the site). As we all chilled out in the sun and dropped the urban edginess, Lynx did some fine a cappella sets, and even ended up dropping his anarchist raps with a clutch of middle-aged hippies playing sunshine music! Bizarre!

I got a set in on the Triban stage but was very mashed. Help…..

Wondering around the site would make any self-respecting monotheist, (particularly of the Christian or Muslim variety), flip their lids. Not only lots of crystals and energy healing, but a huge inflatable chapel and a priest performing mock weddings.

Not sure what to make of the last attraction. I’m not religious but there seesm something a bit iffy there, not sure wot….or maybe I’m being 2 uptight MAAAAAAAN!

What is it that gives festivals their perenial appeal? The hippies and anarchists started the ball rolling in the sixties and seventies and now the whole thing’s gone mainstream and money-mad. But we all love our loud music, booze, drugs and throw it all together in a sunny field and you get a 21st century take on the Great British camping holiday.


Sorry no photos. Blogger aint putting them up at the moment. Useless it is, anyone know any better places to put blogs?


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