When the floods come

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June 22, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Emcee Lynx came onto the radar when Tom, who I do the Revolutionary Intent nights with, pointed him in my direction. Lynx is an explicitly anarchist MC from Oakland, California. The subject matter of his words is invariably political and there is a real apocalyptic urgency to his music which I like a lot. Not only that, he offers it all up free for downloading on his website here!

So imagine our delight when we found out he was coming to Wales on his Celtic Nations tour. Some of his lyrics go on about his Celtic heritage, which gives a really interesting twist to his ideas. He obviously wanted to come and check out his roots! So Tom and I sorted him out a gig or two and promised to take him to Stonehenge and the Sunrise Festival in Somerset.

He arrived with his partner Laura. She sings harmonies over his lyrics and deals with the programming side of things. They were both nice and didn’t seem at all phased despite all their travels.

We took them to some open mic nights and jammed with various local musicians. The two gigs were sparser than we’d hoped but Lynx and Laura found a very appreciative audience to their work.

It was great getting back with Pondlife MCs and doing a support set.

I admired the way he got up and did his lyrics with no backing so people could really hear what he was saying. Hmmmm….maybe something to try!

It’s always good when musicians come from far away and you show them around. Gives you a perspective on what you are doing, what they are doing and you can share ideas and plans.


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