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April 21, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Open mics can actually be a great idea. Get a pub, a PA, some microphones, invite a load of mates to take the stage and (sometimes) you can end up with real quality entertainment.

This is the real pop idol, cos people aint doing it for the money, just the love. OK?

The one at the old Toucan club here in Cardiff was great.

And Jim Jam’s night at the Old Illtydians down the road from me in Pearl Street, Splott was my fave. Well preserved rockers mixed with trendy young things (well, kind of…) and local Splott deviants for nights of mayhem and decadence. Pondlife MCs did our first show there. The night we played, the band we were on with were a bunch of older dudes who played an entire set of Frank Zappa songs faultlessly.

Top hole, dear boy!

One night we played down there the police stopped it. There was just too much fun being had.

The man in the picture is the dashingly eccentric local hero Fred Snow. I’ve been playing lots of open mics lately and always run into him. His mix of Charleston, swing and Django Rhinehart never fails to please no matter how many times I hear it. Check out www.myspace.com/topshelfjazz.

You never know if he’s about to entertain you or knock your block off, (in the nicest possible way, of course, old chap!). We’re doing some shows together very soon.

Anyhow, why open mics? As the world goes dog-gone mad, with China and the US ruling the waves, the world heating up and the morons of Barking and Dagenham joining together to vote for the BNP in the coming May elections, what else can I do?

Spew out my frusrations on the stage. Best place for them dear boy. I’ve been previewing the new tunes, trying some new routines and next week I’m doing a tour of various Cardiff night spots to see if they work. Watch this space.

Catch you there hopefully x



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