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April 12, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith


this is a blog about stuff that went on for me leading up to and during summer 2005. it culminates in me getting nicked at an action against the g8 in scotland in july.

it also takes in glastonbury festival and other uk underground diary dates/issues/stuff. start at the beginning and work your way back otherwise it won’t make sense. do this by clicking on the top line of the “archives” section and scroll down to the bottom.

if yr looking for hardcore political rants, forget it, (ok, maybe there are one or two but NOT THAT MANY!). this is a personal blog and i can’t be bothered to fill u in on why the g8 is a “bad thing.” click on the links to indymedia, schnews or cardiff anarchists if u want the cold facts. or check out the book arguments against the g8 edited by gil hubbard and david miller. if u can’t be fussed finding out about this and related social ills, then u are ignorant and foolish!

wicked deeds are being done in yr name! if u don’t stand up 4 something, u’ll fall for anything!

the opinions in this blog, like those above, are exactly that: my opinions. as such they are no more important than anyone else’s.

i should also point out that none of this is true. it’s all insidious propaganda by a screwed up politico who has a chip on his shoulder about the world and makes things up about himself to feel better.

best thing is, get out there and see for yourself. don’t believe the hype!


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