The city writes your story

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March 31, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Ok, Cosmo, man, cut all the political crap man, we want to hear about the rock ‘n’ roll, the drugs, the pussy, the bling etc etc….

Whatever….. Anyhow, the first Revoultionary Intent night went with a bang. It’s been in the offing for a while, with various hustling and ting going on since the beginning of the year. That said, it’s been very smooth coming together, and that’s been a fine feature of the process.

You can see punk ska geezahs Spanner from Bristol in the picture giving it what for in the Howardians, right next to Splott nick!!! We had vegan food, Drunk Granny, me singing a hastily-cobbled together anti-facist number on a table completely unamplified, and Gagged at Ten Forty-Three, the anarcho news live!

Nice work to all concerned. We even raised a tidy sum for The Pad – social centre for Cardiff ahoy!!

Dreadlocks, mohawks…elements from cultures our ancestors colonised and told us were worthless coming back in indigenous UK resistance culture…Is this why these styles are so resilient?

Still want to widen the style net and have an open music policy….break down dem barriers, man….

Nourouz rocks!!!

I was invited to a Nourouz party in the ‘Diff by some of my students, and it rocked. I got my napkin in the air and learned some snappy Persian dance moves – not very successfully.

Nourouz is a pre-Islamic Iranian New Year celebration. It happens on the Spring Equinox, and it’s also celebrated in Afghanistan, Kurdistan and various other parts of the region….

Gordon Brown has got it so wrong in wanting to have November 11th as a”British Day.” It’s a day to remember people who died in wars, not a day to get vibed up about who we are.

(Unless, of course, that’s his point. Hmmmm…..)

Nourouz by contrast has got style, substance and is deep-rooted in culture and history.

It goes back to the old Zoroastrian religion and is many thousands of years old. It’s like a cross between New Year, Halloween, Spring Equinox and a national day all rolled into one.

The Islamic government in Iran has given up trying to supress it even though it sees it as a “pagan” celebration. It goes that deep.

It was wonderful feeling so warmly welcome at the party. Break down dem barriers and feel dah love!!!


All that creative energy…. all them songs…. take you out of the “normal” realm and into strange places…. smoky pubs and out the way clubs…. nocturnal duty in front of a computer terminal….. trying to recreate those soul feelings and get them out into the world…. what to do next?…… write….? record….? perform……? who with…..? ….. where…..? …..under what circumstances…..? to please whom…? …is that the point….? …….time to be still…… sit it silence and simply listen…. otherwise the city writes your story…. which, don’t get me wrong, is GREAT sometimes!!!


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