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March 3, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Danny my flatmate has gone off with Tracey his missus to Carnival in Rio!!! Woo hoo! I was kind of hoping they would bump into another mate of mine Gibby who lives out there in an act of complete randomness, but it didn’t happen.

Me, I had to settle for the Splott Winter Carnival. It involves parading down Theobold Road on my jack to the offy and picking up a six pack of Oranjeboom. Then, to the splendid fanfare of the ASBO crew doing some windscreens, I saunter right into the majesty of the Broadway and go to the chippy. Finally I round it off with a visit to Dai’s to pick up a couple of moggies for the evening and bingo! What a time!!!!

Winter in the UK is better than ever.

It’s been odd. I started blogging again because I wanted to write about my music and stuff in Cardiff related to it, but I ended up getting diverted to matters political: chucking in my tuppenny’s worth on the stories of the day.

There are thousands of people out there doing this. Surveying this kind of blogging, I ask myself: why bother? Opinions can be given like breathing.

There is also a lot of ego involved. Who can get the most hits? Who can be the most opinionated and outrageous?

Who gives a fuck! Most of the stuff I’ve seen, quite honestly, is from people where you think: get out and get a bloody life!

A lot of it is really good and thought provoking, and I’ll start adding links really soon. Most of the stuff I like comes from people who I disagree with loads – check this geezer: http://egyptiansandmonkey.blogspot.com/

Innit great living in a free society?? (I’ll come back to this later).

I realise that mouthing off about your opinions is in no way an indication of the fact that you are more worthy of them than someone who keeps their gob shut. In fact, I can see the wisdom in the latter position at times.

I think what I’ve learned at the blogface is not only that I hate racism, but I’m rabidly anti-fascist, and this all ties in with THE POINT I’m trying to make here, (hold on I’m coming to it…)

Scotland beat England in the rugby and it felt good! But seeing Wales beating Scotland I felt bad supporting Wales (Scots heritage but Welsh dweller, see….).

If you find me changing my national alliegence like the seasons then this is because I’m trying to make the point that…all nations are prison camps, dummy! We need to break out eventually! No Borders!!!!

(This is an ancient anarchist proverb).

NONETHELESS, there is someting important here….

Finally coming to the point: the UK government is about to abolish Parliament. It has drafted a bill called the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill which will allow a Minister of State to bring in, alter or amend any piece of legislation he/she wants… without the consultation of Parliament.

It’s Neo Labour’s Enabling Act and you can read more about it in Schnews here.

A new friend of mine Patrick, a journalist who used to work for Reuters, is writing a book about democracy and how it is being overturned by the corporate agenda. He is very optimistic about the future.

I am not.

Lots of my time spent as an activist was trying to stop this creeping move towards the end of civil liberties, the crushing of dissent and the swing towards totalitarianism.

But the legislation – the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000 for example – is still on the statute book.

I think we’re too far down the road. I feel the criminals who run this country have bought us off with the trinkets and baubles of consumer capitalism. Most of us are sitting around with our heads in the sand hoping that we can find more oil and not worrying too much about environmental armageddon.

And worse than that, I am getting so predictable!

But, my friends, they are slowly pulling up the drawbridge. It’s been going on a while. I for one will be out there fighting for the turf, and there are a few of us, but only a few….. Come and join us please!!!

If being British means anything these days, surely it means standing against crap like this. Ok, so the colonies could be fucked up places to be in this respect, but come on……!!! This goes to the core of who we are.

Spring is in the air! New directions ahoy!!!


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