Whole lotta love going on in the middle of hell….

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February 10, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

I’ve been sweating out a really bad flu virus. Four daze off work and still not right in the head, (am I ever?).

Forgot how much fun being ill is!

On Tuesday or Wednesday – can’t remember which – I sat glued to BBC News 24. Anyone who was watching could easily have been forgiven for thinking that every Muslim in the world is a fanatical terrorist, a hater of free speech and, as far as those in the UK and Europe are concerned, the enemy within.

As the result of the Abu Hamza aka Hookman trial saturating the coverage – GUILTY M’Lud! – along with the cartoon story, various UK Muslim leaders were hauled up to comment.

You would have thought that it was their very faith itself that had been in the dock. The tone of anchorman John Sopel’s questioning was along the lines of: “We know that you’re all secretly into violence and terrorism, but you’ve got about thirty seconds to prove otherwise. “

I’m no Muslim, and I’m no fan of religion, but I aint buying into this.

This was the day after the leading Islamic body in the world, the Organisation of the Islamic Summit, said of the cartoon protests: “Overreactions surpassing the limits of peaceful democratic acts … are dangerous and detrimental to the efforts to defend the legitimate case of the Muslim world,” and described them as “regrettable and deplorable.”

But of course all we saw on the TV was a bunch of nutters setting fire to an embassy. Come on BBC!

Ziauddin Sardar wrote a rather interesting book called Why Do People Hate America? If you don’t believe that people might hate America, read it and weep. If you can’t believe anyone could write so much about something so obvious, read it and weep.

Anyway, in Sunday’s Independent, he suggested Muslims were being groomed for the next Holocaust.

Oh come on, mate, aint that a bit strong? Sometimes think so. Sometimes…

Whatever. If or when we go in and whack Iran, or at least, whenever we watch Blair and Bush blither on about the righteousness of their actions in Iraq, we can rest assured that now even some of the more liberal-minded among us will probably be thinking: “Oh, it’s for your own good.”


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