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February 7, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Suicide bomber jacket? Nah, mate! I filled the pockets up with loadsa charlie. I was hoping to punt it out to a few infidels!

Omar Khayam, the young man who caused outrage at the London protests against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by dressing as a suicide bomber, was sent to jail earlier today.

It turned out he had recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for dealing drugs. The suits decided that his behaviour may have breached his parole conditions, so back he went.

Call me Mr. Strategic Planning, but if I were a suicide bomber, I wouldn’t have just worn a jacket like Mr. Khayam’s.

Like any normal person, I would have put a coat over it, or stuffed the explosives into a backpack.

Those Met boys are a mean shot if you don’t take care.

(Come to think of it, my entire family, my girlfriend and a large number of my friends could have been blown to bits in the 7/7 bomb attacks. I must remember to be offended next time I see someone wearing a backpack).

Large sections of the population were deeply shocked and upset by Mr Khayam’s actions, particularly families of the victims of 7/7. He made an apology, but evidently this wasn’t enough for some people.

Read that last sentence again.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we?

Seems like the West has got its sacred cows after all.


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