Another complete pillock ruins my day….

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January 28, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

What a bloody nob. Nick Griffin, pictured, the head of the British National Party and the man with the mutant eyeball, is on trial at the moment for calling Islam a “wicked faith.”

As opposed to his own ideas about life which are a lot more savory, presumably.

On the BNP website, they actually put the secretly-filmed video of one of his speeches where he accuses the police and media of covering up attacks on white people by ethnic minorities in this country.

Which is interesting, bearing in mind this comes at the same time as the head of the Metropolitan police, Sir Ian Blair, claimed that the media was institutionally racist for under reporting attacks on ethnic minorities by white people.

A tatty Zionist set-up by those pesky Jews in the media, no doubt.

By blaming Islam as opposed to “Asians,” Nick Griffin conveniently sidesteps the issue of race, and therefore claims he is just exercising his right to free speech.

Though it’s interesting to hear him trying to explain away his use of the term “Paki street thug.”

Fascists are not all stupid by any means. They twist and turn their language and they’re lurking in the oddest of places. They use the very real problems experienced by working class communities and turn them into race issues, always creating a victim mentality…..

Hello? Anyone there? 1945 and all that? Hello???? Remember???


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