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January 27, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Off to Tantra again…..

….only this time I had a show on!

Nick “Valleys” Walker rang me up to do a gig at the last minute and so I went for it. I gave Gordon a ring who is a local circus performing legend and he came down with some percussion. We’ve been meaning to get a jam sorted out for a while and this seemed to be the right place and time.

Fair play, this was completely unrehearsed and we didn’t know what would happen. At first I was shitting it cos no-one was around – this is probably the skintest time of the year for most people, the day before everyone gets paid at the end of January. Myself included.

Anyway, I ended up borrowing some cash of Nick, but then some dickhead leafed it out my pocket when I wasn’t looking. Nice one!

There ended up being just enough people in, a nice mix of friends and strangers. Howie from Brighton, an old mucker, showed up which was tidy, like!

We ploughed through some tunes. Tantra can be a weird place to play solo, most people like to have a drink, half-listen and half-catch up with their mates, so it was good to have some percussion to beef the sound up.

We did the Oi Mush song. it always goes down well – maybe too well! What about all me others, guys and gals?!!!

Gordon and I will have a get together to practice with a view to developing this. That said, I’d still like to work on the show aspect of what I’m doing.

A good start!


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