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January 22, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

We’ve really gone and done it now…..

Mad scientist James Lovelock, the man who proved scientifically that the earth is in fact a living organism, has written recently that we are all fucked because global warming is past the point of no return.

Maybe not so mad after all then.

So what do you do?

Carry on as normal until all hell kicks in? That seems to be the prefered option in the UK. We’re either completely ignorant of what is happening, or we don’t give a shit, or we just think “party till the sun goes down,” or we are, to use that lovely pop psychology phrase, in denial.

Problem? What problem!!!

We could try to turn the tide. Well, according to Lovelock, that’s like pissing in the wind. No chance there mate.

Or move elsewhere. Good idea, and maybe this will be ok for a while, but as the old phrase goes, you can run but you can’t hide.

I’ve been talking to my anarchist mates and explaining how anarchism as a political system, either pre- or post-apocalyse, is neither workable nor desirable. And anyway, with a dad who brought up under the secular religion of communism, I don’t really go in for political utopias as a way of dealing with humanity’s problems.

Having said that, where anarchism comes into its own is when it organises fluidly and non-heirarchically against the government or big business etc. This is direct action, such as the anti-G8 protests in Scotland this summer, and these days it looks to me to be very important.

Because marching from A to B and handing in petitions don’t do jack. There are vested interests to confront and empires to bring down. And it needs to start here and now. It’s part of our history and it’s shaped the way that we have evolved.

So that’s my way of dealing with early 21st century angst. Any other suggestions will be filed in triplicate and looked into after a visit to the boozer.


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