Double Life

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January 22, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Listen, dearest, I’ve got a confession to make.

I’ve been leading a double life.

By day, I head to the worplace and instruct refugees and asylum seekers how to speak the Queen’s English, (and other varieties as well). Hopefully help them feel they belong, deal with any problems they have if I can. And come home and bathe in a sea of my own self-righteousness.

Then, I put on my coat and head out. Destination: bars like Callaghan’s (pictured, right) where there’s loads of music. Bands, open mics, whatever, I’m there.

Music for me is like an obssessive compulsive disorder. I have to make it, live it, breathe it…. otherwise it builds up inside and I go something like crazy.

Or maybe it’s just a soundtrack to my alcoholism, an excuse for packing away the pints. The effects of alcohol denial and music denial are similar for me. Perhaps they’re one and the same.

Highlights this last few weeks……

*Down at Bar Tantra (pictured, left) to see a band that reminded me of the Band. Can’t remember the name. I hook up with my mad lawyer mate Indy. He’s taking on the banks and organising protests in Queen Street. He needs some help. His website is here.

*Club Love is held at the Howardians Rugby Club, Splott. It is run by Annette and Bruno and can be pretty wild. I’m trying to get it once a month to put on benefit gigs. Not too sure what will happen but Annette says she’ll have a word with some people.

*Jen, Reb, Nadine and a few others who have been on the scene for a while have put together their own bands: Dirty Revolution and Adult Playthings. I put the last lot on for a benefit in November up at Dempsey’s – v.good! Both have a reggae feel to what they do. It’s good watching them go for it: this is the first time they’ve all been in bands and they’re very enthusiastic.

*Hooking up with my own hip-hop outfit Pondlife MCs and deciding what to do.

*Me and my mate Tom from Newport talking about heading off to Germany, checking out a few social centres, maybe do a few acoustic shows….but we were pissed when we hatched the plot.

*Writing new stuff and playing it down at the Buffalo Bar, getting my home studio together, onward and upward.

It’s been a slow start to the year. Or has it? It makes me knackered just reading about it. This is happening. This is NOW!


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