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January 12, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Last night an impromptu meeting was held to discuss pressing matters of international concern at the Royal Oak public house, Newport Road, Cardiff. Delegates in attendance were Nick from Llandaff and Cosmo, Roath.

On the agenda was how the world is fucked, relationships and sorting out computers.

“I think we’re fiddling while Rome burns,” commented Nick regarding the first issue. Cosmo begged to differ, but they both ended up reaching agreement that Wilberforce’s campaign against slavery was a good example of how the moral conscience of the country was raised despite the fact that a financial advantage was lost in the process, and this could be applied to the demands of political change in response to the environmental crisis in the future. Probably.

Relationships were said to be “good,” (Nick), and “nice work if you can get it,” (Cosmo).

On the stumbling block of whether Cosmo should keep linux on his second hard drive or simply remove the partitions, reformat it and use it as storage space, a compromise was reached. It was agreed that the hard drive would remain formatted with linux for the time being, but half the of it would have its partitions removed, allowing him to store the audio files for his new album on it. Nick would sort it out at a later date.

Brains brewery were unavailable for comment this evening to discuss rumours they has sponsored the event.

Brains: we dunno nuffink about it, mate.


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