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January 11, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

(Yet another) cretinous, negligible useless tosser in pole position!

Imagine my delight when I heard that the BBC had decided that David Icke is the third most eccentric celebrity in the world! Yes, the man who claimed he was the son of the godhead on Wogan is up there with the best of ’em!

I had a David Icke experience once. It involved accidentally dosing up on nature’s abundance at the summer solstice revelries at Stonehenge in 2001 and being convinced that the entire British establishment were secreted amongst the stones performing Masonic rituals. Some of these involved my friends, who were obviously Special Branch.

It was only when I was flicking through a copy of one of Icke’s self-published blockbusters that I realised that this man knew…..

I loved to read his books. At the time I must have loved being shocked at how messed up the world was. Multinationals bad? Check out Captive State or Fast Food Nation! UK politics getting you down? The Best Democracy Money Can Buy!

Of course David Icke was all of this with several different bells on. His books are a kind of cross between a new age vision quest along with “hard” political accounts of Freemasonary, child-abusing presidents, in(ter)bred royalty, UFO abductions, mass mind control, para politics…Oh, and the lizards of course. The shape-shifting reptilians who change into world leaders when we’re not looking.

The ones who are really behind it all…

Hardcore political pornography is what I called it. After a while, of course, you start to think, just what is this geezer on? And scratch not too far beneath the surface and you see he parrots lots of far-right claptrap despite claiming he doesn’t . And he even links up with arch Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. If you dunno what I mean check this out.

Eccentric? That has a certain charm to it. Bleedin’ offensive more like!

So what makes him do it? The money? There are LOTS of people who buy his books. Is he a neo-Nazi using New Age bollocks as a smokescreen? Or a purveyor of the finest New Age bollocks using neo-Nazism as a smokescreen?

Actually, what it comes down to is the one thing we know already. He’s MAD! MAD! MAD AS A BUCKET OF SPIDERS!

Hey Dave, congratulations. But I’ve got news for ya. The big secret is that the rich screw over the poor. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just the human story thus far.

And it aint nothing to do with Lizards. You pillock.


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