Pearl Street Posse

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January 4, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is my flatmate Danny. Amongst other things he’s a computer genius. The other day I accidentally emotionally blackmailed him into repairing my PC. Now it works. Nice one geezer. I’m going to record my new album on it soon.

Most people I know live in nice houses or exotic locations. Lots of them are cohabitating with lovers and/or expecting kids. I live in Splott, Cardiff with Danny and Jim. Nuff said.

I loves it, though. At the moment we have a rat-infestation and we reckon the police are onto our hydroponic opium fields in the basement.

But this is ok. Me, Danny and Jim are an urban brothership and people behold us with a mixture of awe, incomprehension and fear as we develop into what could well end up being 3 cohabitating, old-aged versions of Jeremy Clarkson without the cars, money or celebrity status.

Thank God.

Pearl Street Posse? Handsome booogers!


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