photos and destiny

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June 29, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

ever get that feeling that when yr really trying to do something and it just won’t work that it must be destiny trying to tell u to leave it and go with the flow?

well this has been what’s been happening to me regarding putting photos up on this blogsite. check this…..

before i legged it off to glastonbury i charged up some batteries for my digital camera. having charged them, i placed the batteries in my camera and the camera in my rucksack.

on arrival at glasto, i stated david baileying around the place taking pictures, only to find that the power kept going from it. i thought, how can this be i have only just recharged the batteries?

so i took them out and what did i find? a completely different set of NON RECHARGABLE batteries inside.

how could this be?

the way i figured it out is this: god, jah, allah or whoever (s)he is decided that instead of having lovely photos for my blog i’m just gonna have to make sure my writing is so intoxicating that it will take u, dear reader, to the places i am talking about without any visual stimulation.

well there’s a challenge. moses had the ten commandments to deliver to humanity and i have to deal with disappearing rechargable betteries.

now THAT’S progress.


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