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June 21, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

19 june 2005 – it’s saturday and brighton is without doubt the best place to be on a sunny day in the whole of the uk. the place just vibes………….

i spend the day catching up with old friends. we are all basically a bunch of people who through accident or design hooked up in brighton and got involved in what u may call alternative politics and lifestyles.

brighton throughout the nineties was the place u went if u were a freak in the rest of the country. it was cheap, cheerful and there was plenty mischief to be had. there has always been a big gay population here, but coupled to that was a whole crew of misfits and social irritants of whom i’m pleased and proud to be a part.

as the criminal justice act of 1994/5 criminalised a large section of the uk’s alternative community, we all found ourselves openly politicised, sometimes for the first time in our lives. i don’t think i ever stopped. most of us have carried our experiences with us into the rest of our lives. we even established our own alternative press, (check out www.schnews.org.uk)

every week there seemed to be a demonstration or political action of some description. it was direct action central uk. it was on the pulse, ‘appenin’ and ‘avin’ it

ali is finishing her training to be a midwife. she makes my day when she tells me she’d played the flannel tune what this world needs is a new kind of man to a fellah on her course. he got with the sentiment. i was just glad someone picked up on the fact that flannel’s tunes were not all silly nonsense about drugs and smashing capitalism. a lot of meaning went into it n all m8!

we sit around talking about everything. glastonbury festival up and i’m playing there with pondlife MCs. our m8 sosage is going. i can’t wait to hook up with everyone. festivals are such a mad part of our lives, key moments on the underground when magic is guaranteed to happen.

i haven’t met anyone yet who is going to edinburgh for the g8 summit. but i know lots of people from these parts will be there. such covergences are always important.

in the 1970s, a labour government wrote a report after the windsor free festival that suggested these kind of gatherings are an important way for the younger generations to help decide what they wish to accept and what they wish of our culture for the future.

enlightened views from a govenment concerning festivals. a rarity. in a few days it will be the 20th anniversary of the battle of the beanfield, when a group of people on a convoy were on their way to the stonehenge free festival. they felt the sharp end of paramilitary-style policing in the uk for their troubles. check out http://www.schnews.org.uk for details.

glastonbury may well be a corporate hell-hole in many respects, but it is still way in which we can see a possible future that maybe better than our present. more on this when i report back….

time to go. got to get to the soundcheck for the next flannel show. another day, another one in the eye for capitalism! probably…….


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