load of flannel 2

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June 21, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

18 june 2005 – “i’m absolutely feckin knackered,” bloke tells me, and proceeds to give me a rundown on all his bodily ailments. just like old times…… it’s snapping back into an energy that none of us have been part of for a while.

stan is knackered. i am knackered. it is hot and we are in an airless room. there is no natural light. but when we start playing, for the first time in over six months, and a crazy energy runs through us like a pulse from the great beyond. this music is old, but it is now. transmitting on a frequency near you. it feels vital, crazy, alive.

ok boys, let’s run through what we need to and call it a day.”

stan is being business-like. we wholeheartedly concur. it’s too hot to disagree.

adrian from stan’s other band carnival collective, (more of them later), has booked us for his birthday and is playing us handsomely. we are pleased and proud. so many times in our career we were ripped off and fecked about and it can make us feel like that’s what will always happen.

but not tonight. sometimes it feels like carnival collective have been our only fans for years! and without their support, we would have forgotten about ourselves.

for this we are truly grateful. seriously.

that night, after what seems like more lifting and shifting equipment than we have ever done before, (or maybe because we haven’t been used to it for so long), we finally hit the party and start to play. a great time was had by all.

but…. there is a lingering doubt in my mind. this band, flannel, was always about frontlining it, arguing the point, sticking up for direct action and sticking it to the man. can we ever be a band that plays birthday parties?


the next day i wake up on stan’s floor with my head full of more music and politics than ever before. i resolve that for tonight’s show i’ll have to give it more on the mic about stuff that is happening NOW.


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