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June 21, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

17 june 2005 – i am back in my old stomping ground, brighton, england, uk. i am hooking up with two of my old mukkas known only as bloke and stan. together, we formed the last great anarcho-narcho-funk-punk-pop gang in town. throughout the 1990s the whole country went mad for blur and oasis and commercial club culture, but our undeclared war on capitalist reality involved us playing at every protest camp, picket line and benefit gig going.

we created enough aggro for brighton police to ban three of our gigs, and we made headlines in the mainstream uk press including the times and the guardian. our songs were less about the evils of the system and more about love and the sheer ecstacy of sticking up two fingers to the whole goddam lot of ’em. check out our website www.load-of-flannel.com for more details, (our first EP was called shameless acts of sel-promotion, by the way).

so into pranks and culture jamming were we that we only released two slimline CD’s worth of material in 5 years. but we meant it, man……

our friend has booked us to play at his fortieth birthday party. the question on my mind is, are we just reliving the good old days or does this have some bearing on what is going on NOW?

“alright, cozzzzzzz!” stan meets me at the station. it is so hot that it almost feels like unreality. maybe this is it, global warming has zapped everything and we are in the calm before the strom of eco-meltdown. or maybe i am just whinging at the slightest change in the weather……

we set off to meet bloke at a local studio and sweat through some tunes.


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