party with a purpose

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June 16, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

16 june 2005 – cor blimey if ever i died and went to heaven this would be my idea of having gone past the pearly gates in an upward direction.

this is what is known as partying with a purpose – not just the hedonistic stuff that passes for a good time most of the time these days. two floors absolutely rammed packed in cardiff’s toucan club, with a kind of ying and yang split going on: upstairs a load of punky male energy (plus my own hip hop crew pondlife mcs) and downstairs lots of female energy: chilled folk, ambient, and festie-style stalls all over.

plus loads of propaganda putting a whole new slant on the g8 stuff. this felt like unity and purpose and it was consciouness raising at its best – people from the uk, europe, caribbean and many more……

clint is road inspector..”i only inspect em i don’t build ’em!”

asier is a basque socialist..”anarchism is a dream socialism is more real!”

dan thinks bush is ok and a wrongdoer at the same time. he reckons korea is a threat but i forgot to ask him which one….

this system kills:”the best hardcore band in south wales!”


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