why attack g8?

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June 13, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

13 june 2005 – and your point is…..?

who the hell do these people think they are and what has it got to do with my reeboks????

· it’s like when the heads of the five familes meet in the godfather, only there are seven of them. don bush has sealed his rep as king of the playground bullies, aided by his slightly sleazy relative don toni blair, by knocking out their former henchman don saddam from his stronghold in iraq.
· only problem was, dons putin and chirac had the hump because they had been fronting cash for don saddam’s operations and were hoping for some kickbacks.
· but big man bush and toni claw back the other heads of the families and get the hell on with the agreed programme…..TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD!!!!

. people have got wise to all this crap and are starting to play up. the heads of the seven families now have to persuade them that everything is cool, especially as regards the “dark-skinned people,” who they’ve been ripping off for hundreds of years. but they make too much money out of the corruption and gun running they put in place there so why bother changing anything?

seriously, folks, if you think this sounds like james bond meets francis ford copolla then you wouldn’t be far wrong. only thing is, it’s truth not fiction and it’s happening NOW.

the collective name for this tribe of marauding international gangster-pimp-hustlers is the g8. they are the heads of government of britain, france, germany, italy, canada, the united states, japan and russia.

these boys have got the world all stitched up. they’re make sure their mates who front all their money grabbing companies get an easy ride to set up operations around the globe…….companies who get their knuckles rapped time and time again for abusing people who work for them, messing up the environment and public services, and generally not giving a monkey’s about anything except where the next dollar is coming from.

by going to edinburgh in the first week of july i feel like i am heading up to try and request an audience with a distant despotic king or something. these people make decisions that affect millions of peoples’ lives in the world without consulting any of us. global decisions need global consensus. that’s why i want to go to the counter summit. because people have different ideas to them, better ideas in my view, about how things should be going on, and these need to be in the mix. not just lyrics from people with one-track minds.

i think a lot of this is to do with my father who died recently. he grew up in a communist country, hungary, where people were told that guess what? we’ve got the whole political thing sorted! communism is the answer, it’s the last little bit of the evolutionary process that means we can live in peace and harmony and everything is going to be cool and the gang!

in this culture, we’re consciously and subconsciously told the same thing. this is the end of history. there is no other way the world can be. ok, it’s not perfect but let’s just stop arguing about it cos us big boys, we’ve got it all under control. only thing is ……

….is it just me or can anyone feel that ozymandias vibe coming on…..? i think it’s looking less “cool and the gang,” more “look on my works ye mighty and despair…”

the other trip that is doing my swede at the minute is this whole africa thing. we’re getting load of erm….white people trotting out their tuppence worth opinions about what we should do to sort things out. this is the white man’s burden, the poem written by rudyard “jungle book” kipling about how the white man should get his progeny out into the world and raise up the lot of the poor savages who have had the fortune to come into contact with our glorious civilisation.

well pardon me, but i think i’m gonna lay this “burden” down and ask some questions here of the people that handed it to me. according to the 1999 africa world reparations and reparation truth commission, the uk alone OWES africa something in the region of £150 trillion for the whole colonial rip off.

i’m interested in attending the counter summit because in my opinion our companies are still profiteering from corrupt governments and arms trading and if that’s the case them where is the vested interest in helping people out? how much has really changed?

whenever citizens of africa are given some space to say their piece, this seem to be the thrust of where they are coming from. ken wiwa, son of executed nigerian activist ken saro-wiwa, made the point in yesterday’s observer that the whole post colonial system of government was set up to get the money out of african countries

so can we cut the patronising crap about aid and get down to the nitty gritty? part of my mission in going to edinburgh is to seek out information and arm myself with facts about these issues at the counter summit. i’m sure that the truth is being seriously spin-doctored here

next up……popular protest! i’ve got some confessions to make. first up…..i’m a big fan of it! since i was about eleven i’ve been out on the street protesting about….oh, just about everything u could mention. poll tax, criminal justice act, various wars……ok, a tad rent-a-mob but at the end of the day, i’m finally beginning to get a grip on the bigger picture

second confession……i think bob geldof is feckin great for getting a whole a whole generation up to edinburgh and getting them concerned with these issues! ok, not a popular view, ok, so the line up for live 8 is not exactly womad but this has the potential to politicise a generation

and what does gordon brown do? he announces a substantial aid and debt cancellation package before the summit!!! read the subtext folks…..hey kids, you can have your little party but just remember, that’s all it is cos in our beneficience (is there such a word???) we have decreed sort the problem which we were on the case with anyway! in other words, protest don’t mean shit

well i’ve got news, brownie boy, it does, there is a whole bunch of people that are gonna be up there and pushing for a different perspective in the mix. this popular feeling is not going to be co-opted or manipulated away. this kind of pressure matters

finally folks…. we have lived and continue to live in a genocidal, exploitataive system that is putting pressure on thae planet and its inhabitants and….it is going to kill us all! and we’re asking all of the world to come up to our lofty heights and enjoy the fruits of our civilisation.

or maybe we’re just fucking them up by backing corrupt governments, guns, AIDS etc in the hope that they’ll all die out and leave us and superior stock in peace …..

u may be pleased to know i’m going to get down now and get higher than my horse.


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