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June 13, 2005 by cosmoakacitizensmith

12 june 2005 – the whole irony of it all came to me when i was sat in the prince of wales in cardiff talking about the g8 summit to my mate dan. “how are you getting there?” he asked. “by plane,” i replied.

then it hit me. there was i mr right on with my environmental politics going to the stir it up at the g8 counter summit – by plane. surely some mistake?

later i learned that val from the cardiff anarchist network is going by plane as well. on the same flight. so that’s alright then.

gawd help us all.

as i was sat in the pub, some lads came up to me and asked “aren’t you in pondlife MCs?” damn right i am! as i tucked into my £2 pint and wetherspoons meal deal, i knew i’d made it. finally i had become the committed, self-righteous, anti-establishment rock star anti hero i’d always wanted to be……

for months i was trying to hassle everyone to come to edinburgh to no avail, and then geldof opens his mouth and the whole country heads off that way. richard branson even lays on some feckin planes! and my band has had to cancel cos we can’t get the time off work.

there really is no justice in the world. but it doesn’t matter. cos i’m gonna keep a blog all about. oh, and the good stuff as well. when it happens……..

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